Trash Pick-Up


November 14, 2018

For Immediate Release - Receptacle Comparison link - Poly Cart FAQ link

Poly Cart Distribution for City of Cameron Residents

Waste Connections has begun distribution of poly carts to the residents of Cameron, Texas.

Delivery is based on the resident’s normally scheduled service day. Below is an estimated delivery schedule. As delivery is executed by our team members and influenced by weather, this is only an estimate. Waste Connections will continue to communicate with the City of Cameron on distribution schedules and updates.

Each resident will receive one poly cart, at no additional charge, as negotiated by the City Council and City Leadership. Each resident’s poly cart will be delivered by Waste Connections in a Waste Connections vehicle equipped with recording equipment to ensure delivery to each resident is documented and recorded. If a resident requires more than one poly cart – the resident must contact the City of Cameron to arrange for any additional poly cart tracking and pricing.

If your normal trash day is Monday-

            You will receive your new poly cart on November 13 or 14

If your normal trash day is Tuesday-

            You will receive your new poly cart on November 14 or 15

If your normal trash day is Thursday-

            You will receive your new poly cart on November 15 or 16

If your normal trash day is Friday-

            You will receive your new poly cart by November 16

Waste Connections anticipates delivery completed on or before November 16, 2018.  

Poly Cart Reminders:

     •   Service Days remain the Same
          º   Bulk Pick Up is Monday and Tuesday
     •   Place Carts within three feet of the road and a minimum of three feet from any immovable object (for example – a parked car.)
     •   Place the front of cart facing the road (handle towards residence)
     •   Please place all trash in the cart
         º   Overfilled carts are not able to be serviced

Waste Connections | 254-840-4089

We appreciate the patience residents have while we implement this effort for beautification. 
Please continue to check the City of Cameron’s website and Facebook page for ongoing updates.

Please do not place any hazardous materials in the garbage for collection (oil, paint, chemicals, tires, lead-acid batteries, etc.). In addition, the landfill will not accept TVs or monitors. AC units or refrigerators must be tagged by a certified air conditioning specialist certifying that the refrigerant has been removed.

Please refer to city map for twice a week collection areas.
  • Monday and Thursday East of North Travis and North of Hwy 77/Hwy 36
  • Tuesday and Friday West of North Travis and South of Hwy 77/Hwy 36

Holiday Scheduling

If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your service will not be interrupted. Otherwise, your service will run one day late. The following is a list of holidays observed:
  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day