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Posted on: April 5, 2019

Public Hearing Responses from April 1, 2019 Council Meeting

Response to Public Hearing Requests regarding New Zoning Ordinance

The Public Hearing held during the City Council meeting on April 1, 2019, regarding the proposed new Zoning Ordinance generated questions and concerns expressed by seven Cameron citizens.  In response, the following answers are provided:

Why were changes being made to the Proposal while under review?

The draft ordinance has changed multiple times throughout the process.  The City appointed a committee to work on the draft zoning ordinance.  The process to look comprehensively at all aspects of the City was a job the committee took seriously.  Understanding that the proposed Zoning ordinance will NOT affect current uses on people’s property(ies), the Committee drafted an ordinance that looked to the future of Cameron – in short, what do our residents want for the future of Cameron?  Once the committee had completed its draft, the draft was presented to the public.  After meetings with joint sessions of the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council, several changes were requested.  After receiving input from the public, additional changes were made.  The City has sought to make consideration of the zoning ordinance a dynamic process in order to respond to the concerns presented.  While all changes have not been incorporated into the draft ordinance, the City has undoubtedly heard the input and sought adjustments as a result thereof.

Why was a new zoning map not presented with the proposal?

Proposed zoning maps were used during the review to evaluate and plan in order to address current and future uses in the City.  If the new zoning ordinance is approved, the City seeks to work cooperatively with landowners to adjust any zoning districts.  Further, any new land uses that are inconsistent with zoning will need to apply to change said zones.

What will happen to my property under the new Zoning Ordinance and when I sell the property?

Property that was legally used prior to or in conformance with the current Zoning Ordinance may continue to exist such until the use changes or is abandoned.  Some refer to this as “grandfathering.”  Upon sale and provided the prior use was a legal use, the new property owner may continue to use the property in the same manner as the “grandfathered” use.  If the new owner’s use departs from a use that is allowed under the applicable Zoning district, the new owner will need to seek an appropriate zoning change.  The re-zoning will need to follow the process outlined in the new Zoning Ordinance.

How does the New Ordinance affect the Cameron Business Park?

The Cameron Business Park is home to Cameron AutoPlex, Budget Host Inn and Suites, Baylor Scott and White Clinic and Pharmacy and the Dept. of Human Services.  The Business Park was zoned Industrial when it was developed in 2003.  Existing Businesses in the Park are subject to the current Industrial Zoning District regulations and the Cameron Business Park Architectural Guidelines.

Are the proposed Outside Storage and Display requirements in the Commercial Zoning District necessary?

Outside Storage and Display uses were discussed extensively throughout the process balancing the needs of businesses to properly manage their inventory and providing for display of large inventory items while at the same time developing an ordinance that fosters a more appealing first impression on our highways.

What happens to my livestock use under the New Ordinance?

If your property had continual livestock use prior to 1986 or you have a special use permit that allows for livestock use after the current zoning ordinance was adopted in 1986, you may continue this use on your property. Under the new ordinance, livestock use varies depending on the zoning district.


The answers provided herein are intended to be informative and are limited to the draft ordinance as considered by the City Council at its April 1, 2019, City Council meeting.  Additional adjustments by the City Council may be made before final adoption of the zoning ordinance.

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